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Seeing StarsŪ Kit

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Seeing StarsŪ Kit

A Must-Have for Seeing StarsŪ instruction!

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By Nanci Bell

The Seeing StarsŪ Kit has been updated, and the Seeing StarsŪ Manual is newly revised and expanded! This comprehensive kit provides the teaching materials you need to implement Seeing StarsŪ instruction in one-to-one, small-group, or classroom settings.

  • Teach to symbol imagery for orthographic and phonological processing in reading and spelling
  • Teach and improve orthographic memory for word recognition and sight words
  • Develop fluent and accurate contextual reading
  • Improve word attack
  • Improve reading and spelling skills

The Seeing StarsŪ Kit contains the following components:

  • Seeing StarsŪ Teacher's Manual, 2nd Edition — outlining the research and theory behind the Seeing StarsŪ program, as well as the specific instructional steps, now revised and expanded.
  • Consonant and Vowel Cards — to help students form rapid sound-letter associations by developing symbol imagery.
  • Sounds and Symbols Charts — to track student progress through the letters and sounds.
  • Syllable Boards — for finger-writing activities that develop symbol imagery and spelling skills.
  • Syllable Card Set — five boxes of cards cover single-syllable through multisyllable real and nonsense words, to help students establish decoding and spelling skills.
  • Star Words Cards Box — for the 500 most-commonly used English words, to develop sight-word recognition.
  • Star Words List — for the 1000 most-commonly used English words, to guide and track student progress in sight-word reading and spelling.
  • Student Progress Charts for Syllable Cards & Star Words — colorful charts with star stickers for students to record their progress through the program materials.
  • Prefixes & Suffixes Cards — to develop instant recognition of common word beginnings and endings, for application to reading and spelling.
  • Visual Spelling Charts — to develop both the phonological and visual-memory aspects of accurate spelling.
  • Seeing Stars® Progress Monitoring Checklist — to track student progress through the program steps.
  • Colored Felt Sets — to aid in syllable counting and orthographic memory.

All Seeing StarsŪ Kit Components are available for individual sale.

Seeing StarsŪ professional development workshops are offered by Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. To learn more, visit www.LindamoodBell.com/professionaldevelopment.

The Seeing StarsŪ Kit has passed the Social Content Review of the California Department of Education. Learn more...

The Seeing StarsŪ Kit has been endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)!