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What Is LiPS?

 For students who lack phonemic awareness — the ability to think about and manipulate the individual sounds within spoken words – phonics information and rules appear to have no logic

  —Patricia Lindamood & Phyllis Lindamood, The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech: The LiPS Program Teacher's Manual

What Is the LiPS Program?

The LiPS Program provides phonics instruction to helps students establish phonemic awareness — an essential base for reading, spelling, and speech.

The LiPS Program was first published in 1969 (as the Auditory Discrimination in Depth Program) and the past four decades have seen reading research "catch up" with its groundbreaking instruction. The program is still valuable today, and is unparalleled in helping students with severely undeveloped phonemic awareness.

How is the LiPS Program unique?

Unlike many phonics programs, which start with activities that require rather than develop phonemic awareness, the LiPS Program first helps students explore phonemes through the oral-motor movements that produce the sounds. This emphasis allows students to hear, see, and feel the physical characteristics of phonemes, and the contrasts between them. Students thus establish a system of sensory feedback that helps them succeed in the higher levels of LiPS phonics instruction.

 The contribution of the LiPS Program is the development of an oral-motor, visual, and auditory feedback system that enables all students to prove the identity, number, and order of phonemes in syllables and words. It is more basic and more extensive than traditional phonics programs. 

  — Patricia Lindamood & Phyllis Lindamood, The LiPS Program Teacher's Manual

Can LiPS help your students?

The LiPS Program is successful in developing students' conscious awareness of the most basic elements of oral and written language — phonemes and syllables — and can form a core part of any reading or language-arts curriculum.

The LiPS Program can also be used for remedial or intervention instruction, even for students with severely undeveloped phonemic awareness.

What does Gander Publishing offer?

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